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Rolex replica watches cheap have presented three new versions of their hydromechanical watch H1, three limited editions that are part of their objectives for 2015, namely for 13 new watches and presumably an increase on the 450 watches that they sold in 2014. These three are all large watches, at 48.8 mm diameter and 17.9 mm thickness, with screw-down crown protected by a distinctive crown guard, and a sapphire caseback. The hand-wound movement provides 65 hours power reserve, and drives the unique display, with hours shown by a liquid in a circular capillary (from 6am to 6pm, after which the liquid moves back to the start and performs another 12-hour cycle), and minutes on a regulator-type dial at the top of the watch. They are all water-resistant to 100 metres.

Rolex Replica Air RC44

The RC stands for yachtsman Russell Coutts, five times winner of the America’s Cup, and the watch is light, technical and sporty, with a case in the aluminium composite Alun 316b. Its translucent sapphire dial provides a glimpse of the movement, with two untinted areas on each side of the minutes dial, one on the left for the seconds subdial, and one on the right for the power reserve indicator. The minutes dial and the chapter ring under the capillary in which green fluid indicates the hours are in carbon fibre. The “44” that appears on the seconds subdial is a reference to the RC44 regatta created by Russell Coutts, featuring the one-design 44-foot (13.35 metre) RC44 boat which, like the watch, is made in carbon. The RC logo also appears on the fake Rolex watches. The watch has a black strap in black sail-type canvas. HYT are official timekeepers for the RC44 Class regattas. Limited edition of 22 pieces, reference 148-AB-52-GF-TB.

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Rolex  Replica Masterpiece

The new Rolex Classic combines classical dial design with Rolex’s innovative hydromechanical technology, with case in titanium and gold, and Roman numerals lying on an applied chapter ring, in turn on top of the sapphire dial that provides a view of the movement. In this piece, the fluid in the capillary is blue, while the power reserve indicator is red: the result, along with the gold case and brown alligator strap, is a more colourful Replica Rolex Masterpiece watches. Limited edition of 25 pieces, reference 148-TG-51-BF-AM.

replica Rolex Swiss

Rolex Replica Air Pixel

This piece is based on the contrast between the green-yellow liquid in the capillary tube and the grey of everything else, providing a luxury replica Rolex very contemporary aesthetic. The seconds disc and the power reserve indicator are a matching green-yellow. The case is in titanium with black DLC coating. A limited edition of 25 pieces, reference 148-DL-53-GF-AB.

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The World’s Rarest And Most Expensive Rolex Replica Watches

We mentioned where you should start if you want to build your Rolex collection, here. Today we’re going to talk about where you want to finish, with the Holy Grail of new replica Rolex watches: the Split-seconds Chronograph Ref. 4113

As its name suggests, the split-seconds chronograph is a chronograph which is characterized by two overlapping second hands. And it was made in order to measure the time of two events which start at the same moment, but don’t finish at the same moment. It’s a very complicated function to obtain with a mechanical movement, but it became popular for sporting events that time the competitors (especially in motor racing).

After beginning together, one of the two hands can be stopped, thereby determining the first time measurement, then re-starting it with just one click, it reaches the other hand in movement and matches it perfectly, resuming their mark together again. The second hands can be stopped at the same time or separately and can be reset simultaneously or separately.

Rolex released its first split-seconds chronograph in 1942 with Reference 4113, also known as “Rattrapante chronograph.” Only 12 pieces in the line were ever produced, making it the world’s rarest and most expensive Swiss fake Rolex watches today.

This reference was made in steel, and features three body push-back case (bezel-”carrure”-case back), equipped with two rectangular-shaped buttons, a coaxial button on the crown, dial with applied indexes, tachometer and telemeter scales, subdial with 30 minutes register at the 3 o’clock position, seconds subdial at the 9 o’clock position. The Ref. 4113 has the caliber 17 2/3’’’ with 17 jewels.

We hereby present you four examples sold over the years at various auctions:

Rolex replica Split-seconds Chronograph Ref. 4113

The first time this Replica Rolex Masterpiece watches appeared in an auction was in 1988 during a Habsburg, Feldman (now Antiquorum) auction. The estimation, which now seems immensely low, was between 40,000 and 50,000 CHF and it realized 53,000 CHF.

Split-seconds Chronograph Ref. 4113 Mondani

Another Ref. 4113 appeared in the Mondani Auction, in May 2006, in one the most important auctions of Rolex watches ever. The Mondani Collection Auction sold 309 lots for an outstanding result of 11,037,278 CHF and innumerable world records were beaten. This particular Ref. 4113 was one of those, representing for many years the watch that fetched the highest auction price of any Rolex watch. It was sold for 738,000 CHF.

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Records, of course, are meant to be broken. But what we didn’t know was how high the bar would be reset. On may 16, 2011, at Christie’s “Important Watches” auction, this Rolex Ref. 4113 sold for 1,035,000 CHF, just over its high estimate.

Split-seconds Chronograph Ref. 4113

And it looks like the trend is set to continue. The very last time it appeared, in another Christie’s auction in Geneva, on May 13, 2013, the Reference sold for 1,107,750 CHF.

It’s impressive to see how the value of this incredibly rare Rolex replica watches has increased over the years. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone into hiding. Today, spotting a ref. 4113 is a moment that should be cherished. Who knows if and when another example will appear for sale. But we are certainly staying tuned and will keep you up to date when we see it once again.

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Wholesale Fake Rolex Watches,Cheap Rolex Replica Watches for Sale

Let’s cut to the chase, the wholesale Rolex replica watches London exhibition that opened today at the Saatchi Gallery is a big deal. It’s a big deal for a brand that could find itself reaching out to a younger audience in a strong marketplace for itself and it’s a big deal for its UK based collectors.

Patek Philippe London Exhibition 2015 Gallery

Hidden away from the video screens and the many Gems that have flown over from their home in the museum in Geneva is a solitary cabinet, a veritable sweetie jar for lovers of all things Philippe Stern.

For the London exhibition, the former President has allowed the creation of some limited discontinued icons such as the 5070, 5970 and 3970 with beautiful relica Rolex watches un-seen dials and colour combinations. First of all you believe your eyes are deceiving you, then reality sets in, this is an opportunity to acquire history.

Limited to a maximum of five pieces each these will be the hottest property in Horology for the next few weeks as collectors realise that these could be the last iterations of these classic timepieces. In many ways they have over-shadowed the limited edition London exhibition Replica Rolex Masterpiece watches, themselves some beautiful pieces with simple Breguet numerals mounted on stylish dials.

Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition Brings Historical Timepieces To London

Patek wanted to make a point in perhaps the greatest Capital City in Europe. Today they announced that they can still deliver a show in terms of quality, history and desirability that few brands can match.

And I left comfortable as a collector and investor that despite a simply stunning collection of Lemania based historical pieces seeing daylight for the first time, not a single 5004 will be added. Even Philippe Stern would not tinker with the new 2499.