New Rolex Replica GMT Series Stainless Steel Bezel Blue And Red Dial Watches For Men

In the 1950 s, the aviation industry to flourish, intercontinental travel has become increasingly popular, the pilot found that need to be instructed more convenient time zone watch, pan American, at the request of the company so to Rolex GMT Master series replica watches are the result.The first generation of Greenwich type GMT Master launched in 1954, models for 6542, in 1959, has been production prototype was originally equipped with bakelite bezel – it is easy to crack.Two years later, replaced by stronger aluminum bezel.

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GMT first generation from 6542 to start producing for a long time, until 1989, introduced the second generation of Greenwich GMT MasterII 16710.Replace its predecessor, 16760, 16710.Although the new GMTII movement with its predecessor is the same, but more lightweight design – friends frivolous design popular at the time dial.

Rolex GMT 16710 released, at the same time provides three different dials.Red and black combination (coke) dial, blue and red (Pepsi circle) and all black list dial circle.We can through the model number of the last character to identify type table.Letter “A” said coke.Letter “B” said Pepsi circle, and the letter “N” represents all black circle, proof as follows.

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Rolex movement can be said to be among the world’s best on movement.GMTII machine core is no exception.Rolex GMT movement is automatic chain movement replica watches, of course, on the basis of automatic winding machine slightly revised, add the function of GMT.In 16710 in the case, is loaded by COSC certification produced 3185 movement.

Reviewing: The Rolex Replica GMT-Master II in White Gold with Pepsi Bezel

The “Pepsi” finally made its much-anticipated comeback at Baselworld 2014, and it sent shockwaves throughout the cheap Rolex replica watches online fair. Technically, the new ref. 116719 BLRO is very similar to last year’s Black and Blue GMT-II, which also houses the Calibre 3186. But the difference, an additional $25,000 on the price tag, is quite a big one. Here’s our review:
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That’s because the latest addition to the Rolex collection is a solid 18-carat white gold timepiece. The material chosen by Rolex came as a surprise to many and divided opinion. The move is certainly an unusual one from Rolex, since the Swiss brand normally unveils a watch in steel, and moves to a more precious metal later on.

While it meant most Rolex collectors will have to spend a little more time saving up to this Replica Rolex GMT-Master watches, it’s a very clever move from a brand that has sometimes been accused of not taking risks. Rolex knows the new GMT-Master II in White Gold with Pepsi Bezel will do very well, and it makes the brand a little more exclusive, while protecting its vintage market.

The other major talking point, which is a little more interesting technically, was the new Pepsi bezel. It is made in Cerachrom through a complex coloring process patented by Rolex.

When Rolex introduced the first GMT-Master in 1955, it was one of the very first watches made specifically for travelers, and that’s exactly who will enjoy the latest GMT-Master II.


The latest edition has kept all the qualities that made it stand out then, from its signature 40mm Rolex sport case shape, to the combination of polished center links with brushed side links in the gold Oyster bracelet.

It’s a stunning and versatile piece, that wears comfortably and it’s even more solid than when it first came out with Plexiglass inserts. Of course, because it’s made of white gold, it’s easily the heaviest “Pespi” watch, but we like that extra heft, as it reminds us of just how special the replica Rolex watches for sale around our wrist is.

The GMT-Master II in White Gold with Pepsi Bezel is priced at 36,500 Swiss Francs, or a little over $41,000.