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One of the most anticipated events at each year’s JCK and Rolex replica watches low price and jewelry shows in Las Vegas is Bell & Ross’s Friday evening cocktail party at its villa in the Wynn. And one of my annual traditions is enjoying a fine cigar — rolled on the premises by a skilled torcedor — with Bell & Ross CEO and fellow cigar enthusiast Carlos Rossillo (the “Ross” in Bell & Ross) at the party. This year, the experience was extra special, since the cigar in question was an all-new, official Bell & Ross cigar — a Nicaraguan puro made specifically to accompany the brand’s Vintage WW1 Edicion Limitada timepiece, packaged in a unique box that doubles as a humidor.

The Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Edicion, Limitada, with its rich brown and rose-gold color scheme  is Rossillo’s attempt to blend the diverse but similarly tradition-rich worlds of watchmaking and cigar making. The 42-mm-diameter rose-gold case is fastened to the tobacco-brown alligator leather strap with fine wire lugs that echo those of the earliest wristwatches, first seen in the World War I era from which the AAA Swiss replica Rolex watches takes its name. The font of the Arabic numerals, the highly domed sapphire crystal, narrowness of the strap, and the gilded hands are also elegant, vintage-style touches, and the text on the dial is in Spanish (contrasting with the French verbiage on most Swiss-made watches), a tribute to the language of Cuba and other cigar-making nations.

Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Edicion Limitada - front

Since cigar smoking is a leisurely experience, in which one is not expected to be concerned about whether or not one’s timepiece needs winding, Bell & Ross has equipped the Vintage WW1 Edición Limitada with an extra-lengthy five-day power reserve. It’s indicated on the dial by means of a hand that moves along a semicircular arc with the inscription “Reserva de Marcha 5 Días.” The manual-winding movement (Caliber BR-CAL.202) has two mainspring barrels and a three-quarter mainplate, adorned with a côtes de Genève finish and punctuated by blued screws, all visible through a clear sapphire caseback. The front of the best Replica Rolex Datejust watches also offers a glimpse of the inner mechanism: the movement’s balance peeks out of a round aperture at 9 o’clock on the dial.

Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Edicion Limitada - back

The Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Edicion Limitada, a Bselword 2015 premiere that also highlighted the brand’s new products showcased at Couture 2015, is limited to just 99 pieces. It is presented in a distinctive, color-coordinated box made of Makassar ebony, designed to be converted into a cigar humidor (which can store up to 50 cigars) with the addition of a humidifier and a hygrometer. Below, you can check out a few live shots of the fake Rolex watches sale and the cigars, snapped at Bell & Ross’s villa at the Wynn.

Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Edicion Limitada - with cigar

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Let’s cut to the chase, the wholesale Rolex replica watches London exhibition that opened today at the Saatchi Gallery is a big deal. It’s a big deal for a brand that could find itself reaching out to a younger audience in a strong marketplace for itself and it’s a big deal for its UK based collectors.

Patek Philippe London Exhibition 2015 Gallery

Hidden away from the video screens and the many Gems that have flown over from their home in the museum in Geneva is a solitary cabinet, a veritable sweetie jar for lovers of all things Philippe Stern.

For the London exhibition, the former President has allowed the creation of some limited discontinued icons such as the 5070, 5970 and 3970 with beautiful relica Rolex watches un-seen dials and colour combinations. First of all you believe your eyes are deceiving you, then reality sets in, this is an opportunity to acquire history.

Limited to a maximum of five pieces each these will be the hottest property in Horology for the next few weeks as collectors realise that these could be the last iterations of these classic timepieces. In many ways they have over-shadowed the limited edition London exhibition Replica Rolex Masterpiece watches, themselves some beautiful pieces with simple Breguet numerals mounted on stylish dials.

Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition Brings Historical Timepieces To London

Patek wanted to make a point in perhaps the greatest Capital City in Europe. Today they announced that they can still deliver a show in terms of quality, history and desirability that few brands can match.

And I left comfortable as a collector and investor that despite a simply stunning collection of Lemania based historical pieces seeing daylight for the first time, not a single 5004 will be added. Even Philippe Stern would not tinker with the new 2499.

Special Rolex Replica Watches Online Store,Rolex Replica Watches for Sale

As a Rolex replica watches for sale lover regardless of age, status, or price, there are always those pieces that are just a little extra special. When I say special, I’m talking about Special Editions, Limited Editions, and the downright hard to find, needle in haystack type of watches. But of course, there comes a time when watch brands do overstep the mark and, well, need to limit those limited editions. On the one hand, some brands use this as a way of marketing but on the other hand, some brands really use this limited edition opportunity to create something really special for lovers and fans of the brand, but this is something I feel is few and far between. That said, who could resist a Special Edition?

Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Monopusher Chronograph Ref. 5950A

Take the legendary Omega Speedmaster. Originally made as a car racing sports watch, it eventually turned into one of the most historic timepieces ever made. Till this day, the Speedmaster hasn’t seen much change and this is not a bad thing at all. But every now and then, Omega introduces a limited edition Speedmaster to commemorate the moon landing and all of the Apollo missions where the Speedmaster has been present. Some may see this as overkill and merely just a marketing exercise, but you have to look at it in the grand scheme of things – this is actually a genuine occasion to celebrate. Enthusiasts of the brand and the Speedmaster genuinely appreciate the fact that Omega makes these special limited editions and it’s not hard to see why. Then there are brands that celebrate their own timepieces, such as Audemars Piguet – who celebrate the Royal Oak. In 1992, they introduced the ref. 14802 to celebrate 20-years of the Royal Oak and even as recent as 2012 AP introduced 8 new Royal Oaks to celebrate 40-years of the RO. But this makes sense to me as it does to a lot of collectors alike. Re-editions are another part of limited edition that totally makes sense, but these are not always thoughtfully done and do sometimes detract from the original inspiration. Re-editions are a nice way of mixing new with old and giving watch manufactures a way to give a nod to both its historical predecessor and their technological advances. Though make no mistake, rarely do Rolex replica watches online store brands execute this in a way that truly harmonizes the spirit of old and new.

Then there are watch brands like Hublot, who introduce pieces to celebrate, well, celebrities and sports persons at the peak of their chosen discipline. Many believe, and to a degree myself included, this is an exercise which somewhat cheapens the brands values and that very special timepiece that has been created for said celebrity/sportsperson. This is probably the less attractive side of special/limited editions, but admittedly some of these timepieces are actually very, very nice. However, there is the other side of this too. The timepieces that are created by the likes of IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and many more for very special causes and even those one-off editions created for Only Watch, which is in aid of the Monaco Association Against Muscular Dystrophy. But then there are those limited pieces made that are in aid of technological advances in watchmaking, such as Patek Philippe’s Advance Research department – who diligently research the possibilities of introducing new materials and components to the serious business of mechanical watches.

IWC Schaffhausen Vintage Portuguese Handwound

But there are pieces made by the likes of Panerai for the true Paneristi Forum, such as the PAM195, PAM360, and PAM532 – these I totally understand and they make complete sense. It is a watch made for the absolute connoisseurs of the brand. On the other hand, you have pieces that are made for Rock Bands that I think confuse the buyers and even more so the collectors. Take the Zenith El Primero Rolling Stones edition – where is the link? I do wonder just how timepieces like these fair in the future of cheap Rolex replica watches collecting and the vintage watch collecting market?

However, there are watches that become special or are inherently special due to production, but this more or less lingers on the fact that they have now become vintage pieces. Take for instance a stainless steel Patek Philippe Chronograph made in the 1940s, 50s or 60s – doesn’t sound very special at first, but when you realise just how limited production was when it came to Patek producing steel watches, then it all starts to fall into place. Steel was considered an inferior metal in the production of watches. This wasn’t just something Patek did, brands like Vacheron Constantin also did this and they too have very special and rare timepieces from that exact era that were made in steel too. But, you’ve also got pieces like these that exist today that aren’t even considered vintage, but make use of that rare element called stainless steel. I’m talking about the super rare timepieces made by A. Lange & Soehne – yes, sometime ago they too made timepieces in steel that where produced in very small quantities.

Then there are those that are rare simply because of limited production. When I say limited, I don’t mean it in a commemorative way but more in the way of manpower. Timepieces from the likes of Philipp Dufour, Kari Voutilainen, and Laurent Ferrier, are painstakingly and meticulously produced in an archaic way, which fundamentally makes them special. This is just great to see in this day-in-age.

Laurent Ferrier Gallet Traveller Blue Dial

The watch market gets flooded with special editions, limited editions, and re-editions all the time. As mentioned, some Replica Rolex Day Date watches manufacturers see this as a way to create enthusiasm for their brand. But others use it as a genuine way to connect with the collectors and fans of the brand, which in my opinion is how it should be. Moreover, limited editions that are created in honour of ambassadors do have a place in the world of watchmaking, though it is a trend that I believe should be more reserved.

Wholesale 2015 New Replica Rolex Watches for Men

A few months ago I received an email from the team over at Roland Iten telling me I would be getting a special replica Rolex watches for men preview of something incredible at Baselworld earlier this year. As you can imagine I was pretty excited. Sure, I’ll admit there is a lot of marketing hyperbole thrown around in the luxury industry – I’ve been guilty of it myself on numerous occasions I’m sure – and so you generally need to take everything you hear with a grain of salt but this was Roland Iten we were talking about, a man’s who’s ability to create exceptionally luxurious (and fun) gentleman’s accessories seems to know no bounds.

Needless to say the suspense was killing me a month later as we were ushered into a private room at the famous Trois Rois hotel in Basel. And then I saw it; the R60 Diablo, quite possibly the most gorgeous and yet most insane belt I have ever encountered. Right there in front of me was a stunning 60.66-carat fancy cognac-colored diamond flawlessly set in a custom-made made Roland Iten mechanical belt buckle and all I could think was; “I could wear that, couldn’t I?”

Roland Iten R60 Diablo

Now, as you might have guessed large fancy (colored) diamonds, such as the one you see here, are very rare. Even rarer still is such a nearly flawless (type VS2) colored diamond of this size. Discovered in India, the stone is from the Golconda region, origin of some of the world’s most famous diamonds. What’s really interesting though is how it came to be set in a Roland Iten belt buckle. For the answer to that question we look to another major player in the industry, Claude Sfeir, a world-class expert in the art of collecting vintage jewels and cheap Replica Replica Daytona watches.

It seems that at some point Iten and Sfeir got to talking and discovered they have a shared vision that is simple and clear: to place important stones into the everyday repertoire of high-end gentlemen’s accessories. Now if that isn’t a sign of things to come I don’t know what it is but after seeing the R60 Diablo in person I know I want more.

It seems counter-intuitive I know – diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend after all – but there’s just something so masculine about the R60 Diablo. I think this has to be in part due to the rare kite-shaped cut of the stone itself. To ensure full emphasis of this unusual feature, Iten created an exclusive suspension pillar system and a mechanical mount to allow the stone to “float” above the buckle plate. As such, all corners of the stone are visible but protected by a surrounding gold embankment, allowing the full kite-shaped cut to be visible from all sides of the buckle plate. This somehow gives the buckle a more aggressive feel to me, almost like the head of snake getting ready to strike.

Roland Iten R60 Diablo

Much like the diamond the buckle itself is also a work of art, although the latter has most definitely been crafted by man as opposed to the enormous forces generated by plate tectonics. Manufactured one hundred percent in Switzerland on the same machinery used to manufacture components for the fine 2015 New Rolex replica watchmaking industry, the R60 Diablo comprises precisely 109 components in 18-karat red gold and white gold with grade 5 titanium utilized for the chassis architecture. Entirely handcrafted, polished, and assembled by master craftsmen in Geneva the R60 Diablo boasts hand-crafted bridges, cogs, wheels, springs, and pinions that interconnect to create a mechanism that allows the wearer to obtain an absolutely precise fit.

Officially unveiled at Christie’s Private Sales in Geneva on Monday the R60 Diablo will soon embark on a global tour to cities including London, New York, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, and Shanghai so that it may be viewed in person by important collectors. Unfortunately though it will not be on view to the public. The good news however is that a portion of the sales of the R60 Diablo will be donated to the Art Center College of Design Norman Shureman Memorial Scholarship Trust, in recognition of the pioneering work of Roland Iten’s friend and mentor Norman Shureman.

Roland Iten R60 Diablo