New Rolex Replica GMT Series Stainless Steel Bezel Blue And Red Dial Watches For Men

In the 1950 s, the aviation industry to flourish, intercontinental travel has become increasingly popular, the pilot found that need to be instructed more convenient time zone watch, pan American, at the request of the company so to Rolex GMT Master series replica watches are the result.The first generation of Greenwich type GMT Master launched in 1954, models for 6542, in 1959, has been production prototype was originally equipped with bakelite bezel – it is easy to crack.Two years later, replaced by stronger aluminum bezel.

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GMT first generation from 6542 to start producing for a long time, until 1989, introduced the second generation of Greenwich GMT MasterII 16710.Replace its predecessor, 16760, 16710.Although the new GMTII movement with its predecessor is the same, but more lightweight design – friends frivolous design popular at the time dial.

Rolex GMT 16710 released, at the same time provides three different dials.Red and black combination (coke) dial, blue and red (Pepsi circle) and all black list dial circle.We can through the model number of the last character to identify type table.Letter “A” said coke.Letter “B” said Pepsi circle, and the letter “N” represents all black circle, proof as follows.

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Rolex movement can be said to be among the world’s best on movement.GMTII machine core is no exception.Rolex GMT movement is automatic chain movement replica watches, of course, on the basis of automatic winding machine slightly revised, add the function of GMT.In 16710 in the case, is loaded by COSC certification produced 3185 movement.

New Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel Case White Dial Series Watches For Men In Shanghai Exhibition

Rolex Daytona exhibition will since November 3, the ifc gold mall a layer of the atrium of the Shanghai exhibition for the first time.

The exhibition features a special series of interactive, traces the universe type di of origins and evolutions of wrist watch.Type the universe Rolex Daytona watches for men named after the speed of Florida, for the car player and fan favorite clock in the world.Visitors will also enjoy the new 2016 Cosmograph Daytona watch of wrist of 904 l steel.This watch with black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring, combined with superior technology and excellent performance, and the inheritance of the unique aesthetics of these wrist watches, rolex is different.

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Roelx Cosmograph Daytona cheap fake watches were born in 1963, designed specifically for the car, soon, with its outstanding performance, reliable lay achievements for the racing world.The watch by the name of “Daytona”, has been among the classic watches, become famous in the world and popular timing wrist watch.Daytona is an evocative name, in its classic and rolex watches can generate links, before has created his own legend.The legendary by countless land speed record, turbo engine, sand car racing and daring feat achieved by car.

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Traditional racing in Daytona beach lasted until the end of the 1950 s, after specially built Daytona international track continue.The track, which opened in 1959, is one of the world’s first super circuit.Every year, the big three elliptical Angle hold motor racing track, as Mr Tong with 500 and rolex di with 24-hour endurance race as exciting, attracted worldwide attention.Turn the track 4 km, heeling up to 31 degrees, often breathtaking acceleration.The experienced driver all think the latter is one of the world’s hard car racing.Rolex stainless steel case Daytona replica watches 24 hours endurance 24 hours of le mans endurance race in the United States.

Rolex Shanghai Master Game With New Datejust Gold Dial Replica Watches For Men

On October 16, 2016, the Shanghai Rolex Masters Game in the center of Shanghai tennis sports city forest ended smoothly.Swiss watchmakers best Rolex brand as a sponsor, and serve as the competition of octave officially designated timing, with the China’s top tennis events along the way, crossing, witness every wonderful moment.

Rolex Shanghai Master
Rolex Shanghai Master.

Eventually the British star Andy Murray 6-2, in the final victory over Spain player Robert o cloth baptista DE gucht, won the 2016 Shanghai Rolex masters champion, this is the third time in his career in Shanghai.This year, Rolex awarded title Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watches 41 for congratulations.Regardless of wind and cloud change, tennis Oyster Perpetual Datejust watches 41 like every player and events, experienced the test of time years, eternal legend.

A new generation of classic Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual Datejust watches with 41 mm watchcase, equipped with tabulation technology leading Rolex 3235 type machine, this new type of automatic chain culmination of mechanical movement rates with tabulation process, with 14 patents, built-in new Chronergy escapement system, dynamic reserves of about 70 hours.The new log 41 wrist watch with Yellow Rolesor New Rolex Replica Watches For Men and Everose Rolesor styles, there are also many dial to choose from.

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The Shanghai rolex masters as one of the world stand 9 ATP1000 masters, also is the culmination in Asian tennis tournament every year packed top competitions.This year, the Shanghai Rolex masters to Rolex spokesperson powerful cast again, including the French star Jo – he Tsonga, Grigor Dimitrov, Milos Raonic with other top players squad to attract the eyes of tennis fans from all over the world.In the pure and gorgeous white yulan venues, master the wonderful legend showdown.

New Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Series Watches For Men

Recently, the Shanghai Rolex Masters, new Rolex daytona series replica watches to encourage new generation power after 90, tennis will be a new type of Daytona 2016 wrist given Rolex spokesperson Milos Raonic.Raonic was born in 1990 in Canada, is now ranked sixth in the world.

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As the new generation of power, rolex endorsement Raonic ATP ranking fourth in the world, and in 2015 into the 2014 wimbledon tennis championships two grand slam semi-final, and into the Australian open in 2016, the last four.Raonic is out of the race due to injury, before the first semi-final in 12, however the Shanghai Rolex masters, Raonic from injury, with 6-2/6-4 swept through lorentz, promotion of 16.

New Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona copy watches of wrist of 904 l steel, equipped with by the rolex developed and patented black Cerachrom outer ring.The new design will be high-tech smelting furnace, with special aesthetic and salute to this legend of excellence tradition.The black outer ring adhering to the 1965 version of the black resin glass design of the outer ring.New Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona get Rolex set out of the top 2015 observatory certification, ensure the wrist watch worn on the wrist can play a top performance.

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Rolex given excellent tennis player Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch, as every rolex tennis spokesperson and events sponsored by general, stand the test of tide and time, and has a timeless charm.Unremitting pursuit of excellence and particularly for tennis, prompted the world’s leading Swiss Rolex replica watches for men watchmakers best rolex has long been fully support the development of the sport.Is watchmaking and tennis for the common pursuit of perfection, contributed to the close cooperation between the two.